Welcome to NDRDiamond – Blog!

Welcome to the NDRDiamond Blog.

The postings on this site are intended for retail jewelers who I hope will read my “thoughts” and “concerns” about diamonds, diamond grading reports, internet diamond sales and other random subjects affecting the jewelry trade.  It is my hope that you may find some of these posts to be useful when dealing with retail consumers and that you might share some of these blog posts with such consumers.

If you happen to be a retail consumer who has somehow come across this Blog, I welcome you to read my posts in the hope that you will gain some knowledge and advice that you will find interesting and helpful.  To these readers, the best advice that I have is that you purchase a diamond or diamond jewelry from a trusted “bricks and mortar” jeweler.  As a third generation jewelry professional, this advice is given based on my understanding that a diamond or diamond jewelry is something that must be seen and appreciated by human eyes much like a painting or other works of art – for it is not possible to visualize  a diamond based on a diamond grading report.

Whether you are a jewelry retailer or consumer, I welcome you and hope that you will find some useful information on the posts that follow. Please feel free to comment as you feel appropriate.


Neil D. Reiff


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